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Dr. Yuwat Thanangool

Speciality:Family Medicine, Weight Management, Specialist

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Specialty : Family Medicine, 
Weight Management Specialist


 Dr. Yuwat Thanangool

Yuwat Thanangool is a physician with Thai license and Board Certification in Family Medicine, with Certificate in Weight Management Program. Extensive experience in Anti-obesity project at Bhumipol hospital and best practice in preventive care with family and community.


Family Physician
Royal Thai Air Force Hospital, Oct 2005 to 2010

Medical Director
Hospital Wing 5 Royal Thai Air Force, Oct 2010 to 2014

Family Physician & Emergency Physician Staff Bhumipol Adulyadej Hospital, Oct 2014 to current

Weight Management Program Counseling Oct 2007 to current

Doctor of Medicine, March 1999
Mahidol University (Phramongkuttklao Hospital)

Certification of Aviation Medicine, May 2001
Institute of Aviation Medicine

Certificate of Dermatology, April 2005
Institute of Dermatology

Diploma Thai Board of Family Medicine, May 2005
Bhumipol Adulyadej Hospital

Certificate of Participation, February 2007
The Asia-Oceania conference on Obesity

Certificate of Attendance Weight Management, October 2007
Faculty of Medicine Chang Mai University

Certificate Of ATLS, March 2011
Bhumipol Adulyadej Hospital

Certificate Of Course EMS Director, October 2012
Ramathibodi Hospital

Certificate Of ACLS, November 2012
The Heart Association of Thailand

Certificate of Advanced Ultrasound Life Support, January 2016
King Chulalongkorn Hospital

Diploma Thai Board of Emergency Medicine, June 2016
Bhumipol Adulyadej Hospital

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