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Dr. Sareesuang Suwannaboon

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Specialty : Family Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine
Experience : 20 Years
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Dr. Sareesuang Suwannaboon

Dr. Sareesuang is a Health Care Professional with medical degree and 20 years in health care industry experience background. Proven ability to organize a health care facility and gain substantial market in period of time. Recognize ability of working with diversities in both of clients and team. Outstanding skills in assenting what is needed, recommending sensible solutions, and effectively motivating team to implement them in a spirit of collaboration.



Fellowship of Anti-aging medicine; Dhurakij Pundit University 2017

Practical Tips in Aesthetic Dermatology; Alumni Association Institute of Dermatology Bangkok, October 2016

Anti-aging Medicine: Basic Science to Clinical Management; Health Education & Academic Thailand, September 2016

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; World Anti-aging Congress & Exposition, September 2016

Lipo-V and K2 Plus Lifting, September 2016

Brain-Based Coaching for work & Life Transformation

*Continuing Coach Education International Coach Federation

*APAC Coaching Institute,  August 2016

Certificate of Chelation Therapy; Chelation Medical Association, Thailand, 2016

Certificate of Cell Therapy; Association of Cell Therapy, Thailand 2016

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Workshop; Joint Commission International 2011

Certificate of Microeconomics; Chulalongkorn University  2010

Fellowship of Royal College of Family Physician, Thailand  2002

Medical Degree; Chulalongkorn University, Thailand  1997



Present: Founder of Samui Medical Services Co., Ltd., To provide medical service in all directions including healthcare business development to strategic partner.

Founder of Preme Cosmetics Co., Ltd., to provide good quality of supplements and skin care products to the market.

Co-founder of Trawellnes Co., Ltd., to provide medical agency to healthcare customers.

Assistant Hospital  Director of Bangkok Hospital Samui, 2008-2013

Assistant Hospital Director of Bangkok Medical Center, 2005-2006

Assistant Chief Medical Officer Of Bumrungad Hospital, 2002-2003

Senior Physician of Travel Medicine and Vaccination Center ( Thailand branch of Australian Clinic Network), 1999 – 2002

Royal Physician of Chitralada Royal Medical Division, Dusit Palace, to dedicate health care professional to The Royal family’s multi-functions duties, 1999-1998

Intermist of Chaiyapoom General Hospital, 1997-1998

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